Interview With Mohammed Al Harthy CEO of Nitaj

Where do you identify investment opportunities in the agriculture sector?

MOHAMMED AL HARTHY: Players in the domestic agriculture industry have placed a significant emphasis on ensuring food security, thus presenting substantial prospects for local entities within the agri-food segment, including for our newly rebranded organisation, Nitaj. Nitaj aims to bridge the gap between food companies, investors and relevant parties by fostering synergies to improve food security, as well as enhance the sultanate’s economic prosperity through investment in domestic and international food-related endeavours.

The food industry in Oman provides numerous investment opportunities across various segments, including poultry, fisheries, red meat, dairy and agriculture, with substantial growth prospects. The country is collaborating with both local and international partners to drive transformation and fully leverage the sector’s potential through collaboration. How are research, development and innovation (RDI) helping to generate business opportunities for local businesses in agriculture?

AL HARTHY: Identifying the most suitable crops and grains for use in Oman is of utmost importance. By attracting foreign investment and establishing partnerships in the agriculture sector, we not only gain access to necessary expertise and knowledge, but also create opportunities for the development of locally driven agri-tech innovations.